Monday, January 21, 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008

why not update?

well, if you're readin' this, i assume you care about coffee. good, 'cause i care about coffee, too.

a note about the last blog: i understand that the time of a shot is not near as important as how it looks or tastes, and every espresso blend will pull at a different time depending on everything that makes it different from another blend. i guess you guys probably guessed i felt that way, but i still stick by the notion that a shot within the 20-30 second range (for an espresso, not a lungo or ristretto) that looks good probably tastes good. but always strive for perfection!

so i finally broke down and spent some money on a digital camera, even though i'm philosophically opposed to them. i won't be taking any "artsy" photos with it, because that's sort of counter-intuitive (i'm also counter-intuitive) [barista joke!]). so, i've got some photos of my new home set-up, a wonderful cup i found, and a few doubleshot cafe espresso shots pulled from my gaggia new coffee and rancilio rocky grinder. drink 'em in!

sweet. also, i'm going to be takin' my camera to work to do sort of a pictorial monologue (or whatever you call a photographic step-by-step journey) of my pursuit of latte art and delish drinks. i'm starting, though, to wonder whether or not our faema machine has some sort of...i don't know. something about it. it's great stuff, though.

so, stay tuned, hopefully i'll have a big ol' update soon with some pretty rosettas and smilin' faces.
also, i'm bringin' back the espresso lab...well, really starting it up since i now have the equipment at my bring some new tastes to kaffe blue. if you're in kingsport, stop by and ask me what's cookin'!

oh, go here if you're bored or need some alt-country (haha) in your life.